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Have you ever gone to a titty bar and ended up leaving with a dude?  Uh...Not that I have, I'm just curious...

What is everyone doing for Halloween?  Any good parties?  I don't know if I should even go this year after last year's embarrassing costume malfunction.  Apparently they don't design them to cover all of this.  I guess I should have listened to the guy when he said I couldn't squeeze into the Miss Bo Peep outfit.  I think this year I might have to go as a man but atleast I'll get to keep my leg hair.


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no comment?

You shaved your legs? Wow... way to go all out! I mean I've had a skirt on but damn. We're you really bo peep??

Hey it's Halloween. If you can't go all-out go home.

haha good point! still... that's a lot of work.

Actually, yes. Yes I have left a tittie bar with a dude. On more than one occasion.

And what the fuck is wrong with American defensemen and your obsession with dressing like girls for Halloween? Are you friends with that freak from Edmonton? Gilbert I think?

Alright let me rephrase that question. Has anyone not incredibly gay ever gone to a titty bar and left with a dude?

Those of us who don't look like a woman on a regular basis don't mind playing dress up. Sorry you're not in that category.

What the hell! I'm not incredibly gay, damn it! Why are you such an asshole?

And I do NOT look like a woman! AT ALL!

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