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Uh...My names Matt.  Matt Greene.  No relation to Andy.  I play defense for the LA Kings.  I have blonde hair.  BLONDE not red.  I'm just around here to meet some new people and talk to some old friends.  Sup?


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Uh... wow... didn't expect to see you around here...

[*cough IP logging cough*]

No? Despite what you say I am literate.

( I fixed it I think? :D)

I never said you were illiterate... your mom is a fucking teacher, just like mine... I can't imagine she would have allowed illiteracy... uh... what the fuck made you get a journal?

Wow, some major f-bombs, Commie. Who's got your panties in a twist?

What the fuck! I don't wear panties, you asshole! And I always say fuck. You know this.

That's funny because I distinctly remember some panties.

Fuck you Greene! I have never worn panties you asshole! I HATE YOU!

Simmer down! Geesh, you need to pop some anti-anxiety pills or some shit.

Fuck that. I don't need any drugs. And you piss me off, so I'm allowed to be irritated!

And better than ever, my friend!

Hey, JR. How's it hangin?

Retirement is treating me pretty well so far. I am thinking of traveling around to all the cities where friends of mine are still playing to pass time in the winter.


As you may have heard, Geocities.com is closing. The MBP disclaimer your journal web site link points to is a Geocities-site, so please change your web site link to: http://www.mustbepop.net.

Also, if you are using an override code on S1 or have a link on your S2 entries, please change those to http://www.mustbepop.net as well. Or you can scrap those and lock all your entries except one that has a disclaimer. LJ Abuse suggests the following:

"In creating this journal, the author has assumed another person's identity for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person whose identity the author has assumed, nor any reader of this content."

Thank you for acting quickly!

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