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Uh...My names Matt.  Matt Greene.  No relation to Andy.  I play defense for the LA Kings.  I have blonde hair.  BLONDE not red.  I'm just around here to meet some new people and talk to some old friends.  Sup?


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No? Despite what you say I am literate.

( I fixed it I think? :D)

I never said you were illiterate... your mom is a fucking teacher, just like mine... I can't imagine she would have allowed illiteracy... uh... what the fuck made you get a journal?

Wow, some major f-bombs, Commie. Who's got your panties in a twist?

What the fuck! I don't wear panties, you asshole! And I always say fuck. You know this.

That's funny because I distinctly remember some panties.

Fuck you Greene! I have never worn panties you asshole! I HATE YOU!

Simmer down! Geesh, you need to pop some anti-anxiety pills or some shit.

Fuck that. I don't need any drugs. And you piss me off, so I'm allowed to be irritated!

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