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(no subject)
So, I got a screenname.  AssistCapnGreene.  And I'm actually very proud of myself for it.  I was able to actually get on a website and figure things out.  Then I was creative enough to pick out a name that wasnt already taken.  I call that a pretty productive day in the Greene household. I even figured out how to sign up for porn sites and for online poker sites and...yeah, most of my money is now going to online nudity and gambling.

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the letter is great on your sweater!

I know, right? Matches the outfit perfectly.

ha yes it does! they kinda make it happen that way

Jesus Green, are you that hard up?

according to these coments.... arent you the one looking for commodore naked?

You aren't going to find pics of me on those porn sites, so you might as well spend your money on better things. I know what you really want to see is ME naked.

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